M. R. Sandquist Construction was established in 1987 to provide the highest quality construction at a fair price. We have worked hard to aquire just the right craftsmen to work on your project.  In these down times and ultra competative market we have to spend the extra effort to make sure the customer is ALWAYS happy.  Because we are such a hands on company this has not been an issue.  M. R. Sandquist Construction is not a company that is constantly bidding to find new subcontractors or employees.  We have worked hard through the years to find the best possible craftsmen and feel extremely comfortable with our team we have put together.  Because of this we know you are getting the same quality each and every day.  This allows us to know there won't be delays, call backs or problems because of untrusted contractors.  We may not be the cheapest company but you will get "exactly" what you paid for.  Every person working on your project is at the top of their trade.  M. R. Sandquist Construction prides ourselves in repeat business and referals.  You will find us to be very competative and extremely professional.  Let us bid your next project.