M. R. Sandquist Construction has been in business for 28 years serving the Greater Eastside and Seattle.  We provide a turnkey high quality product at a competitive price.  We pride ourselves on having built one of the premier teams in Home Building and Remodeling.  In all phases of construction we will take you from design to the finished project.  At M. R. Sandquist Construction we believe that is an asset to any phase of construction.  Not only will it save you money, it streamlines the process and allows for greater creativity.    One of our main philosophies is to do the leg work before the project begins.   This means heading off the changes before we start.  This isn’t to say changes are not an option.  We believe in trying to see them coming before they become a costly expense.   This hand on approach allows us to make adjustments early in the process before there is a significant impact on the success of your project.   Our years of experience have allowed us to streamline the process and give you a seamless transition from design to final completion.   


New Construction

New construction is one of M. R. Sandquist Constructions strengths.  As in all phases of our business we will take you one step at a time through the process.  Because we are a Custom Builder we don’t have our style, we have “The Homeowners Style”.  With this approach it allows you to tell us what you want and not the other way around.  A custom home is exactly that and we want to help you dream up your fantasy home.


A remodel is something that many homeowners fear.  At M. R. Sandquist Construction we look at it as an opportunity to transform your home to the place of your dreams.  This is truly the most satisfying aspect of our industry.  There is nothing more satisfying than to see the reaction of the homeowner as they see their dreams come alive.  Every remodel no matter the size is important to us.  As in any successful construction project the key is to do the work up front.  This allows the disruption and time lines to flow smoothly making it a very exciting and enjoyable experience.  No detail is too small.  We pride ourselves in uncovering every possible little detail. 

Kitchen Remodeling

Details... Details... Details...  That is what makes an average kitchen great.  We start with studying your true needs and work space requirements so that no detail is lost.  Then the fun begins with the design process and product selection.  We can take your ideas or interject new ones to open your eyes and see the possibilities.  Kitchens have become an extremely important part of any house.  They are no longer behind closed doors or an afterthought.  They have now become a functional piece of art.  Let the Chef in you come out and explore.  Let M. R. Sandquist Construction make you the “Iron Chef” today. 


Whether it’s adding another story, converting a garage or basement, or just a room enlargement, M. R. Sandquist Construction can make your project run smooth and efficiently.   We pride ourselves in making the process as noninvasive into the family daily life as possible.  An addition is a major change to your residence and we want to make it an enjoyable process.  Whatever your needs, trust that M. R. Sandquist Construction can make it an enjoyable experience.  An addition can be a large investment and we want you to get the most for your money.  As in all aspects of your company no detail is too small.  We will work to get you more for less.

Bath Remodeling

Let your bathroom project become the Oasis of your dreams.  The days of a cold and drab bathroom are over.  It could be the Spa that you visited last year and want to recreate in your own home or maybe the kids bath just needing a refresher.  The days of the old steel tub and shower curtain are over.  Let us design your dreams.  Maybe a heated tile floor, slab granites, new cabinetry and millwork, walk in shower or just a skylight, let us design your next project.  

Window Replacement

New windows can drastically cut your utility bills and increase the comfort and beauty of your home.  Windows are now not just for efficiency but design.  Maybe it's to replace old and rotten wood windows or a new front door system.  We would love to bid your next project and give your house the update it needs.  Window replacements don't have to be a long process.  It is a seamless project from start to finish.

Deck & Fence

So you want to build that new deck or just resurface your existing one.  M. R. Sandquist Construction specializes in creating outdoor living spaces that are beautiful and functional. We are experienced with low maintance recycled deck materials as well as beautiful all natural wood. If maintenance is your concern we can guide you to the latest products on the market.  If design is the focus we can show you the class you are looking for.  Why not transform your backyard today. 

Covered Patios, BBQ's and Patios

An outdoor living space is a needed amenity to any Northwest home.  Why have a beautiful yard and not enjoy it.  Imagine watching the Super Bowl outside on your patio in the Snow!   Enjoy those beautiful early fall or early spring evenings with the security of a covered patio and built in heaters.  Add in the crackling of a wood burning fire pit or fireplace and sit back under a blanket and relax.  You work hard and deserve to relax and put your feet up.How can you have an outdoor patio without an outdoor kitchen or BBQ?  It’s not a patio without a BBQ.  Whether you are a gourmet cook or a weekend warrior M. R. Sandquist Construction has the design for you.  Dare to dream.